Saturday, May 28, 2011

Top Ten Intelligence Agencies Of The World 2011 + CIA Failures.

ISI Pakistan's Intelligence Agency Is on 1st number in top 10 intelligence agencies in the world at this time. Recently CIA and USA are talking about failure of ISI and just a couple of days ago an American Magazine was reported that ISI is the best intelligence agency of the world 2011. ISI had done a great job during Afghan War. and helps CIA. There are a lot failures of CIA. you can watch these videos and listen all what is reality. Proud to be a Pakistani. Proud of my Country's Best intelligence agency ISI.
Long live Pakistan.
ISI on 1st Of top Ten Intelligence Agencies Of the World 2011

CIA American intelligence agency Failures Video.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Imran Khan Chairman (PTI) Protest (Dharna) In Karachi Pakistan Videos

Speech Of Imran Khan Chairman (PTI) Pakistan Tahreek-e-insaaf. 21 may Karachi Exclusive Speech Video Of Imran Khan..
Imran Khan Last Speech Exclisive part 1 at Karachi Protest.
Final Speech Of Imran Khan Exclusive Speech Karachi Dharna. PART 2
Karachi Protest PTI Imran Khan International Media Coverage

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Latest Hair Styles in Pakistan, India And aroud the world 2011

Man's Hair Styles Around the world.
Hair Style of a man is basic thing for his beauty. Hair style of a boy is only thing which can express his personality if your hair style is cool nothing else meters. Beautiful hair Style will improve your look and u will look more handsome smart and cool here are some latest hair styles trend around the world.
Most Common Hair Style In USA and UK
French Best Hair Style for Man
European Beautiful Hair Style Trend
Pakistani Most Common and Simple and Beautiful Hair Style For Man
Long Hair Indian Hair Style for Man
This Hair Style Is Used All Over The World This Time
Emo Boy Hair Style
Cool Boy Hair Style
Actor Hair Style.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Innocent Pakistani Children Killed In US Drone Attacks. US Terrorism

 US the real terror for Innocent people. A Question what these children have done? they are killed only because they are Muslims? Mr Obama is Talking about 1 incident which was inside Job 9/11 that time 3 thousand people were killed what about Millions Of Innocent People who had been Killed by US in Drone Attacks and on name of  War on Terror i Believe This war on Terror is real terror for Innocent people. Every body has a right to live on his native Land.
 Is He a Terrorist Or An Innocent?
 Pakistani Nationals Against Taliban
 A man showing Pics Of his two sons killed in US drone Attack
 People Crying to Stop Drones Attacks In Pakistan
 A Protest Against Drones Attacks In Pakistan
 Rawalpindi Protest Against US Drones
 Drones are making more anti Americans
 People Of Pakistan Believe US is the real terrorist
 Fir sure this baby kill no one in 9/11 even he don't know about it then why he is wounded?
 Be Honest and tell me is he a Terrorist? or US is a real Terror for World.
 Kill me i am Muslim.
 I have no right to live because i am a muslim?
 American Terrorism
Terrorist ? CIA or Taliban? Ask the Victims Of Drone Attacks.
 A drone Attacking in Northwest Of PAKISTAN.
 Map of Drone Attacks in Pakistan.
 This is what America is doing
 Please can some one tel me what is This A war on Terror or A war to Kill Innocent Children?
 He is Terrorist Because he born in Pakistan and he is a Muslim so kill him Before he Kill US
 US Drone Attack Victims
 Drone Attack Victims in Pakistan
 A young man killed by US in Drone attack
 Drone attack Victims In Pakistan US kill Innocents In Pakistan
Why these Innocent are killed? Answer. Because Muslims got no right to live Muslims are Extremists.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pakistani Army Role In Osama Bin Laden's Death.

It is paramount in the wake of US attack on Pakistan in the dead of the night that Pakistan make a stand. Pakistan is on a slippery slope where they were not even trusted with a joint operation and now the time has come that even third class countries like India are threatening Pakistan.
How Pakistan came to this place. This place where its leadership is now totally humiliated in the eyes of their own public. Pakistani public is asking questions about the capabilities of Pakistan military and it's intelligence services. They are rightly asking about the public money that is being used by Pakistan Army and which can be used by the government to build school,hospitals,roads e.t.c.
Today's attack on Hazara town in Quetta (where terrorists operating from within Afghanistan at the behest of Indian RAW killed at least 8 innocent people and wounded many more) clearly shows the need for Pakistan to finally stand up to America. It is time to say enough is enough and if US cannot control anti Pakistan activities emanating from Afghanistan, than Pakistan will deal with Indians the way they know best.
Everything must discussed in open for Pakistan is being blamed for everything between heaven & earth. The world needs to know that no one is pious in this game of deceit.
It is time to make a stand. It is now or never. 
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nokia Recycling Program In Pakistan Envisions A Greener Pakistan.

Nokia recently kicked-off a two month long Mobile Phone Take Back and Recycling
Campaign in collaboration with Ufone, Unilever, Radio FM 91, ARY Music, Orient Advertising and United Media.
All the companies involved in the campaign joined hands to improve the environmental awareness in Pakistan
and to provide an easily accessible solution for responsible recycling of mobile phones, accessories, chargers and
mobile batteries of all brands. Recycling is processing old materials into something new in order to prevent wasting
useful material, to cut down on energy consumption and to reduce the need for waste land filling that can spoil
Pakistan’s environment.
People all across Pakistan are contributing to the campaign by recycling old and redundant or even broken
mobiles that are no longer of use. Taking part in this campaign is easy: simply bring your old mobile devices,
chargers, batteries and accessories of all brands to one of the 33 Nokia Care Centres or Ufone Sales and Service
Centres across the country. The campaign will give a free gift hamper from Unilever and a chance to win a brand
new Nokia N8 device only if person will drop off a mobile phone for recycling (all brands accepted).
Nokia Mobile Phone Take Back and Recycling Program rolled out in Pakistan during 2010. At this point in time,
Nokia aims to increase awareness about why it is important to recycle your old phone and how easy it can be
Talking about Nokia’s contribution to environment in Pakistan, Adeel Hashmi, Communications Manager, Nokia
Pakistan & Afghanistan, said, “Nokia has a comprehensive sustainability and environmental strategy and recycling
is one of the key aspects covered. We understand that leadership means responsibility, that’s why at Nokia we
consider the environment in everything we do and even go beyond our own operations and products: we want to
give that chance to our consumers as well because we understand that a power of a billion people can do a lot of
good to our environment. If the 4.6 billion people using mobile phones recycled just one unused phone at the end
of its life, together we would save nearly 370,000 tons of raw materials and reduce greenhouse gases to the same
effect as taking 6 million cars off the road.”
According to Nokia’s global consumer survey on recycling, only 3% of people said they had recycled their old
phone – whereas 44% of old mobile phones are lying at home for no use and not being recycled. The survey
revealed that one of the main reasons why so few people recycle their mobile phones is because they simply
don’t know that it is possible to do so. Mobile devices and accessories contain raw materials which – if recycled
in a responsible high standard process – can be reused in many ways to make new things, such as musical
instruments or even dental fillings. 100 percent of the materials in Nokia devices can be recovered and used to
make new products or generate energy.
Commenting on the campaign kick-off, Reza Burney, Country Care Manager Nokia Pakistan & Afghanistan
said, “It is an exciting moment for Nokia to bring an opportunity for Pakistani consumers to make a positive
contribution to the environment. Nokia has more than 5,000 recycling points globally in almost 100 countries. In
Pakistan, we initiated an awareness drive to help people understand recycling and its benefits, and in addition we
facilitate that all collected devices, chargers, accessories and batteries are recycled in a responsible way according
to high environmental standards. By working together, small individual actions can add up to make a big difference
and we have made recycling old mobile phones very simple for people. All they need to do is drop in the old mobile
phone, charger, battery or accessories of any brand at one of our collection points and we’ll take care of the rest.”
Nokia does neither resell the phones nor carry out refurbishment business as there is no control over the quality or
safety of the phones after restoration. Instead, Nokia works with carefully selected, approved recyclers who reclaim
materials according to highest environmental and international standards.
Complementing its green initiative, Nokia has also introduced a number of green apps on its Ovi Store that help
people contribute to a better environment through fun activities. A complete list of environment friendly apps is
available on website.
More information about Nokia’s Recycling program is available on
At Nokia, we are committed to connecting people. We combine advanced technology with personalized services that enable
people to stay close to what matters to them. Every day, more than 1.2 billion people connect to one another with a Nokia
device – from mobile phones to advanced smartphones and high-performance mobile computers. Today, Nokia is integrating its
devices with innovative services through Ovi (, including music, maps, apps, email and more. Nokia’s NAVTEQ
is a leader in comprehensive digital mapping and navigation services, while Nokia Siemens Networks provides equipment,
services and solutions for communications networks globally.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Comparison between Afghan Taliban & Pakistani Taliban / Cause of Fighting Of Both Groups

By: Anmol Asghar

These days when we talk about Taliban, we tend to think that all Taliban are fighting under one creed and have similar motives and objective. I wanted to share my understanding of Taliban with the viewers of this site and when I looked at this issue, I came to the immediate conclusion that there cannot possibly be still a link between Pakistani and Afghan Taliban.

The two movements started out simultaneously when the Americans attacked Afghanistan to get Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaida.
After the Tora Bora escape, Osama and his terrorist fellows slipped into Pakistan and sought sanctuary from the Mehsud tribe which was granted as per the ancient Pashtun customs that no one who come to your door asking for sanctuary be turned away. Osama and Zawahiri kept a low profile during the initial days of the war but after a while when the initially intensity of the war faded a bit, started to build a strong hold among the local tribes by marrying their daughters with the powerful clan members and vice versa. This was the single most powerful act with turned the relationship between the guest and the host into a partnership of blood and Mehsuds decided to fight on the side of Osama and Zawahiri.

Afghan Taliban for a while kept a link with the Pakistani Taliban but when the frequency of violence perpetrated by the Pakistani Taliban reached a high pitch Pakistan asked Mullah Omar and his associates to exert their influence on this group. Mullah Omar tried his hand by sending his emissaries to Waziristan but his request fell on flat ears and Pakistani Taliban refused to abide by any such undertaking.

Then onwards the two movements took their own differing paths and to resolve the issue successfully we have to understand that these two entities should be dealt with differently because of following reasons:

1. It is Pakistani Taliban who are protecting and sheltering Al-Qaida and not the Afghan Taliban

2. Pakistani Taliban are made up of groups ranging from Laskar-e-Jhangwi, Sipah-e-Sihaba, Lashkar-e-Toiba and has Punjabis, Pashtuns, Kashmiris, Chechens and Arabs in their ranks

3. The Afghan Taliban make up is almost entirely Pashtun

4. Pakistani Taliban are trying to stage a violent coup in Pakistan to overthrow the government and have a theocratic state Iran style

5. Taliban in Afghanistan represent a Pashtun insurgency which like Bathists in Iraq embodies a major section of society which was in power and was ousted from power by the Americans and NATO

6. Mullah Omar on number of occasions has distanced himself from the Tehrek-e-Taliban Pakistan and because of that refusal from Mullah Omar to endorse these gangsters, Baitullah Mehsud and two other groups have joined forces under the umbrella of Al-Qaida to fight against Pakistani state

7. Afghan Taliban unlike their Pakistani namesakes still listen to what Pakistan has to say because of their understanding that Pashtuns can only get a good deal in Afghanistan if Pakistan is on their side otherwise the Tajiks Uzbek alliance will keep them out of power for a long time to come.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fake Images Of Osama Bin Laden's Death.

Osama Or Obama?
 This is Picture so far shown as a proof of Osama's Death in Pakistan Abotabad but it is very clear that it is a fake picture and very bad editing in Photo Shop so USA must show Osama's Dead Body to Satisfy people around the Globe. Showing a fake Picture is Not enough so far.
 Here every body can understand that this picture is a fake image of Photo Shop.and a Big Drama of Osama's Death which is not coming in my mind. We need a video of his dead body and even DNA report and a real proof of his Death.
It is a surprising thing a man who was 54 years old got all black really a funny editing US come on  show us some thing real.

U.S. FORCES KILL OSAMA BIN LADEN/ Home Where Osma Bin Ladan Killed
The Pakistan Military Academy (also known as PMA or Kakul)
Pakistani Taliban threaten attacks after bin Laden’s killing/ A Fact About Osama Bin Laden's Death

U.S. FORCES KILL OSAMA BIN LADEN/ Home Where Osma Bin Ladan Killed

Home Where Osama Bin Laden Was Killed

"Justice has been done," said U.S. President Barack Obama in a historic address. Mr. Obama announced that Osama bin Laden had been killed in a targetted attack on a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Pakistan Military Academy (also known as PMA or Kakul)

The Pakistan Military Academy (also known as PMA or Kakul (Urdu: پاکستان فوجی درسگاہ; Pakestan Fewja Dersegah) is a four-year coeducational federal service military academy. It is located at Kakul near Abbottabad in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The Pakistan Military Academy is similar in function to Sandhurst, Saint-Cyr, and West Point, and provides training to the officers of Pakistan Army. The academy has three training battalions and 12 companies. Another 2,000 guests each year, from over 34 countries, receive some training at PMA.
On May 1, 2011, Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. Navy SEALs, in his compound less than 1 kilometer from the Pakistan Military Academy
Rahimuudin Khan was PMA's first cadet
 Cadets at Kakul Academy
General Ashfaq Parveez Kiyani Adresing a prade at Kakul Academy Abotabad

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